Black Lives Matter


Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter. 

We at WEgenerative fully support the Black Lives Matter Movement. There is no environmental justice without social justice.  Please visit these  pages by Black-led organizations fighting for justice, and TAKE ACTION. 




The Audre Lorde Project


I Stand With Bre


LGBTQ Freedom Fund


A few words to take accountability for our own moral obligation to be anti-racist.

WEgenerative recognizes the racism implicit in environmentalism, and in our organization founded by a white-woman. 

WEgenerative strives for an intersectional approach to sustainabilty that validates the experiences of Black people and non-black people of color. The systemic nature of racism is such that it is no coincidence that pollution is felt most poignantly in neighborhoods whose populations are Black and non-Black people of color, and that pipelines run through stolen Native land. It is our duty as an entity that strives for the sustainable empowerment of communitites to think first of those communities who have been historically and systemically oppressed.