Waste Management Consultation

WeGenerative offers a multitude of options in waste management consultation services to help your relief effort, business, event, venue, or community maximize its resources and minimize its waste. 

These services include but are not limited to: 

  • Waste Management Systems Design and Execution
  • Waste Management Operations and Personnel Management 
  • Waste Education Programs: custom designed for your patrons 
  • Waste Accountability Agreements
  • Waste Stream Signage design 
  • Waste Diversion Metrics and Reports
  • Sustainability Review of Current Waste Systems

Reimagining sustainability maximizes efficiency, resources, and profit margins over time. In short, making less waste means making more money. 

With a humanistic approach to waste management, WeGenerative centers the needs and goals of each client to reimagine sustainability. Whether your waste consultation needs include any of the above or something new and exciting, WeGenerative is here and happy to help. 

Waste Management Systems Design & Execution

WeGenerative uses its years of waste management expertise to create a system that meets your needs. Specializing in onsite waste services in difficult outdoor conditions, WeGenerative can design  and execute a waste system to maximize waste diversion, maintain a clean on-site environment, and develop community relations to maximize conscientious resource management, wherever you may need it. 

Sustainable Illustration and Design 

WeGenerative brings its knowledge of waste to illustration to create waste awareness education materials including graphics, posters, flyers, signage, clothing, or anything else you can imagine. 

Environmental Education Experiences

WeGenerative’s expertise at the intersection of art and environmental awareness brings trash to life. With experience designing and executing interactive trash art experiences, WeGenerative brings immersive trash artworks to events and more to facilitate meaningful interactions with waste. WeGenerative’s reimagined approach to demystifying the “away” where trash goes involves making waste awareness self-motivated with custom, gamified trash receptacles, trashified character design, trashion shows, themed environmental education booths and so much more. Contact us today to see how sustainability can be reimagined in your event, workplace, or wherever trash is made.