Wishon Wildfire Waste Diversion

At the Wishon Wildfire in Porterville 2022, WeGenerative diverted 58% of all waste created by the wildfire operations base camp.

WeGenerative focused on food donation in its waste reduction operations, successfully donating 1232.2 lbs of perishable and 262.2 lbs of nonperishable food to local charities.

As shown by the pie chart above and the adjacent bar graph, food donations were the most significant would-be waste stream that was diverted for the benefit of the local community.

Peggy Muir shown neatly packing boxes of food donations.

113.1 lbs of plastic #1 recycled

740 lbs of Cardboard Recycled

Peggy Muir kicking it as she unloads a cardboard load at a local recycling facility

Accessible Waste Infrastructure

Easy to understand signage with eye-level illustrations makes sorting easy for wildfire staff!

Friendly Faces at the Recycle Center

We love talking trash! Providing front of house Recycle Centers adjacent to dumpsters allows for the WeGenerative crew to intercept waste without having to redirect or inconvenience incident personnel.

Plus, incident personnel can see the exact difference that waste diversion makes, in real time

In-Dumpster Sorting

Sorting every bag in the dumpster allows all salvageable materials to be found and diverted.

Emptying bags allows for the volume of the waste to be minimized and the dumpster capacity maximized.